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Ivchenkov Sergey Grigor'evich, Doctor of sociological sciences, professor, sub-department of youth sociology, dean of the sociological faculty, Saratov State University (83 Astrakhanskaya street, Saratov, Russia),
Koshelev Aleksandr Anatol'evich, Candidate of sociological sciences, associate professor, sub-department of youth sociology, Saratov State University (83 Astrakhanskaya street, Saratov, Russia),

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Background. Contemporary socio-economic and political situation in society requires the use of all necessary mechanisms to maintain the stability and predictability of the social system. In this situation, particular importance is the information policy of the state in relation to young people as a specific social group. In this connection, it highlights the issue of socialization of youth, growth, patriotism and the establishment of mechanisms to counter both internal and external threats. The situation is complicated, so that in this direction the contradictory interaction of authorities and the media creates additional problems from time to time solutions which
largely depends on the implementation of tasks. One way of leveling the accumulated problems is a further development of the press services as a kind of intermediary between the authorities and the media. In addition, it is important to question the choice of communication channels and the creation of information content depending on the interests of today’s youth, in order to influence and possibly transform the views of the social group on a number of topical issues of our time. The purpose of work – to analyze the specificity of interaction between the authorities and the media in the process of effectively communicating youth groups.
Materials and methods. The implementation of the tasks has been achieved through the use of legal documents of the federal and regional levels. Great influence on the decision of a particular range of issues played the conclusions and recommendations of experts in the field of media contained in the works, close to the problems of this study. Methodological potential includes: a theoretical analysis of models of interaction between the authorities and the media, as well as the results of sociological studies of the copyright information for young people, thereby generating the necessary factual material for analysis and formulation of conclusions.
Results. The theoretical model of interaction between authorities and the media to information for young people, actualized the need for further development of the press services, as an important element towards the creation of a new information space, designed to effectively ensure the process of socialization of different groups of young people. We consider the preferences of young people communication channels and conclusions about the need to modernize the system of information for young people, both at the federal and regional level.
Conclusions. Further development of the press services, and training their staff allows to neutralize the conflict between the authorities and the media. Despite, the fact that the whole system of information for young people work, it requires a comprehensive
upgrade, based on the interests and needs of young people. The relevance, reliability and availability are essential elements of modern media, regardless of the technical features of the operation.

Key words

Press Service, government, media, system of state policy

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